Background Stories

Ann SmithThe Seed of 5WWC Began in 2001 with the Millionth Circle Initiative
by Ann Smith

At the birthing of the Msillionth Circle Initiative held in March 2001 in Novato, California, we came up with our mission statement that included this intention: "to bring the circle process into United Nations accredited non-governmental organizations and the 5th UN World Conference on Women." Ann Smith, Elly Pradervand, Avon Mattison, Elinore Detinger were in the original circle related to the UN. They represented three UN NGOs. Elly, Women's World Summit Foundation, (WWSF), Ann Smith, Global Education Associations (GEA); and Avon Mattison and Elinore Detigener Pathways to Peace.
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Penny McManigalThe Organic Story of the Birth of 5WWC
by Penny McManigal

In the first meeting of the founding of the Millionth Circle, March 2001, it was mentioned that one interest would be to support the U.N.s 5th NGO Conference on Women. At that time it was assumed that the 5th Conference would be 10 years after the 4th, which had been held in China (in Beijing and NGO one hour away in Huiaro China) in 1995.

The second meeting of Millionth Circle (Oct. 2001) included Jean Bolen, Penny McManigal, Betty Rothenberger, and Ann Smith, among many others. At this Circle it was decided that The Millionth Circle would like to learn more about The United Nations. As such we decided to gather Millionth Circle Delegates to attend the 2002 Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), held annually for 2 weeks at the United Nations. ( full story)